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My husband and I were lucky enough to have Tyler Talavera as a sales representative and were looking for a mattress that we could both agree on. Tyler was able to help us choose the perfect mattress with an adjustable base for our needs. He was incredibly knowledgeable and willing to work with our budget and work within the budget that we both agreed on.

What I appreciated most was his willingness to ask questions to find out what my desires and needs were and to exceed my expectations. He was very helpful and answered every question I had and filled me in on the various beds I didn't know about, answered all my questions and behaved like him.

Tiffany kept me informed all the way through and made sure the mattress was there for me when I needed it. She took the time to get to know my sleeping habits so that I felt well looked after and valued. To help, I found a mattress that I had agreed with my husband, which is a rarity for us. The salesman could patiently describe the differences between the mattresses while we tried to discuss the best choices.

I would recommend this sleeper train to anyone looking for a new mattress and am very pleased with its service. I was very impressed by the quality of the mattresses and the competent staff I visited with them yesterday. Ckgarrett, who rated 5 / 5 by Above & Beyond, was also very helpful when Tiffany told me to go back to the same store and pick up a mattress from another mattress store in the state. We needed a newer mattress with two twin beds and again we bought it because of its great service and were very pleased with it.

I bought a King Posturepedic adjustable bed, which I have only had for a few days, but I am sleeping much better and really enjoying the bed. I didn't feel pressured or rushed into making a decision because I kept coming back to the same mattress. It was a very satisfying experience and I am sleeping better.

The timing was important for me because I only had a few days before I could choose a mattress. I had to deal with the fact that I got a Covid 19 the same day I was supposed to get it, so I waited.

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More About Riverbank